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2023 Charter Pricing (Both Boats)


Text 732-670-1919

to set Charter dates

Striped Bass: $1,140 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course 

6 hour trip  (6am-12pm and 1pm-7pm)

Mid March-Mid December

Up to 6 passengers

$100 Surcharge July-Sept

Midshore/Offshore Tuna: $3,000 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course

12+ Hours - Up to 5 Passengers

June - October

*Only On the 37 Foot Sea Hunter Center Console with Triple 300 Yamahas*

Fluke: $1,240 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course

8 hour trip (6am-2pm)

Mid July - Mid September

Up to 6 passengers

Not including gulp and Jigs *for sale on boat if needed*

Blackfish: $1,300 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course

8 hour trip (6am-2pm)

Up to 6 passengers

December - January

Inshore Giant Bluefin: $2,000 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course

12+ Hours

Up to 5 Passengers

August - October

Thresher Shark: $2,000 + gratuity for mate (Typically 20%) if satisfied of course

10+ Hours - Up to 5 Passengers

June 5th - July

OPEN BOAT trips are posted on

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Just Sayin Custom Tackle Products 


Coaching Service

    What is a coaching service?
  • This is for those of you with your own boats. This service will allow you to speak with one of the best and busiest charter boat captains on the East Coast. Find out exactly WHERE, WHEN and HOW he is catching Striped Bass in the Raritan Bay and surrounding waters. Just like he does on his charters, Captain John will do whatever he can to put you on fish.
    What is included in this service?
  • One on one consulting call with Captain John prior to your trip to give advice on the most productive locations and tactics for that given day.
  • Ability to contact Captain John and get LIVE updates on his exact location and what tactic is currently working best via text or call.
    How does this help you?
    Save Money. Save Time. 
  • Save money on fuel by gaining information that takes you to the best locations that will greatly increase your odds of catching.
  • Take the stress and aggravation out of trying to locate fish by getting live updates from Captain John who is out on the water every day
  • These fish and always moving around and staying on top of them can be a challenge when you are not out everyday like we are.
Coaching Availability (Raritan Bay and Surrounding waters)
Striped Bass: March - June, October - December
When you fill out the information below please make sure to add your cell phone # so Captain John can get in contact with you. If you have any questions please contact Captain John by text @ 732-670-1919 or
DISCLAIMER: This does not guarantee you will catch fish, this will only greatly increase your odds. Captain John will do whatever he can to help you just like he does on all his charters, but he can't put them in the boat for you. There is no guarantee but you will greatly increase your odds of catching. If caught sharing this information with others who do not belong to this service; we reserve the right to keep payments and stop all services at any time without a refund. This information is for the Raritan Bay and surround waters. Please do not purchase if you do not have access to these areas






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Captain John spends more time on the water than he does on land. Fishing has been his life since he was a child. His passion and love for fishing has driven him to success over the years. Winning just about every tournament that the Raritan Bay area has to offer from the age of 18. With numerous requests from the public to fish with him, Just Sayin Sportfishing was created. It was time to share his knowledge, experience, and passion for fishing with the world. He treated every customer that walked on his boat over the years with respect and did whatever he could to put fish in the boat for his customers. Captain John's business has grown to max potential for one boat in just a few years in the business. Forcing him to purchase a second boat to keep up with the demand. He now has two boats running full time and continues to share his passion for fishing with his new coaching service that he offers

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